Ag-ruminating about “Ag-ruminating”

I think maybe I’ve created a word. I’m not a 100% sure. Perhaps somebody somewhere already thought it up. But, anyway, “ag-ruminating” is what came to mind when I was asked for a catchy name for our new ag blog here on the KGNC-AM website.

As for what I mean by the word, I’m sure most readers can figure it out. What you’ll see here is me ruminating on various things that are going on in agriculture. Undoubtedly, some issues I’ll write about will be of a serious nature. Other subjects will be more on the fun side and a few topics might be outright trivial. And, sometimes, I might just be passing along information, rather than expressing an opinion.

When you start ag-ruminating, you have a pretty broad range of things to choose from. Ag is everything from economics to scientific research to weather to politics to lifestyle and culture. Before too long, I’m sure I’ll blog about why I enjoy being a farm broadcaster or about the great meals that are served at the ag events I cover  ̶  two subjects that are more than just a little related.

As I go about this ag-ruminating, I expect my topics will run the gamut. Maybe I’ll even ag-ruminate someday about the achievements of a local farmily (Yep. Farmily is a new-fangled word somebody else came up with for referring to a family that has a farm.)

That’s the back story on ag-ruminating. Now on to coming up with a topic for the next post.



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