Tom Talks Baseball 3-30-18 Who’s Winning Each Division?

Play Ball!  The 2018 MLB season has finally started!  Its time for one final prediction, The division standings…

Tom Young has revised his “Quick Predicts” now that spring training has finished and more free agents have signed.  See who he now has making the playoffs.  Plus, David Lovejoy offers his one through five in each division, and both offer up their World Series picks.  And this week’s “Tom’s Top 5” focuses on the best starting rotations for 2018.

Do you agree with who they have winning it all?  Do you see the playoff teams a little bit differently?  Let Tom know what you think by commenting below!

ALSO, to see Tom’s predictions in writing, follow along below while listening to this week’s show!

(Note:  Due to their schedules this week, Tom and Dave cut this show on Wednesday, before knowing that the Cardinals signed Greg Holland.  Tom has a week to think about whether or not this will affect his predictions.)



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