Tom Talks Baseball 04-06-18 Length of Season

Welcome back baseball fans!

We all know the baseball season takes a long time to complete.  Games start late March and run through possibly early November.  In this week’s episode, David Lovejoy and I are joined by our sister station KGNC-FM’s Jason Kidd from “Jason & Nancy Live” as the three of us discuss whether or not we think the MLB season is too long.  We each have some different takes on it and it made for a fun show!  Plus my “Tom’s Top 5” focuses on 5 things I found surprising/crazy from just the first 5 days of the season.

I want to know your thoughts on the length of the season.  Which one of us do you agree with?  Do you have a slightly different take than we had?  Let us know by commenting below and we’ll talk about it on next week’s show!

Thanks for listening and watch baseball!


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