THIS Is How We Wash, (Or Should)!

Beauty shot of model wearing colorful nail polish on pink

YES, this is a blip about handwashing but please read on.  We’re all doing it WRONG!  At least most of us are.  Tis the season for National Handwashing week through December 9th.  It actually should be LOCAL handwashing week with all the upper respiratory and goodness knows what else ailments going around.  95 PER CENT OF PEOPLE DO NOT WASH HANDS CORRECTLY!  YIKES!

The CDC says to put your hands under running warm, or cold water.  Then TURN OFF the water.  Apply soap.  Then scrub for at least 20 seconds, making sure your clean the back of your hands and fingertips. Rinse.

Here’s where I think all but 5 per cent of us are botching it.  We’re continuing to run water AFTER we apply soap, diluting the soap effects.  We’re not thoroughly washing our whole hand including fingertips.  And finally, I suspect we’re not washing for 20 seconds.  BTW, we’re you surprised to see the CDC say warm or COLD water?  I was relieved.  How many times have I unnecessarily scalded my poor hands?

As for the 20 seconds.  The CDC says singing “Happy Birthday” twice takes about 20 seconds.  Personally, because handwashing is to protect my health and YOURS…probably best for all if I just hum to myself.

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