Raising The Bar For Sorghum

Finding ways to elevate the productive capacity of sorghum is what the annual National Sorghum Producers Yield Contest is all about. The big goal is to achieve 250-bushels per acre, and Mollie Dykes with National Sorghum Producers says, for farmers whose crops attain that threshold, some nice prizes are up for grabs.

That 250 mark has been the target for several years now, but it’s never actually been achieved. About 246 bushels an acre is the closest any farmer has come in previous contests. Nevertheless, yields are being pushed higher, and the knowledge being gained along the way by individual producers is made available to all sorghum farmers.

If you’re a sorghum farmer who’d like to participate in the yield contest, get more information here:


And if you’d like to hear my full conversation with Mollie Dykes about the yield contest, use the audio player below.

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