Does A Flashy Wedding Mean A Good Marriage?

Bride holding bouquet.

Did you know that the average wedding now costs over 35,000 dollars? The average wedding ring is over 5500 dollars! Unfortunately, all this excessive spending doesn’t ensure a successful marriage. In fact, flashy weddings might be bad for your marriage A new survey from Emory University has found that couples who have flashy weddings are more likely to get divorced. Couples who spent more than $30,000 on their big day were more likely to worry about impressing their guests when compared to couples who spent under $10,000. The couples who worried about big impressions did not focus on important aspects of the marrriage, AND they endured the stress of major wedding debt.
Obviously the study didn’t look at royal weddings. Not good for Charles and Di. VERY good so far for William and Kate. We’ll see with Meghan and Harry.
Do you think money spent on the wedding has anything to do with success of the marriage?

Does A Flashy Wedding Mean A Good Marriage?

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