Community Meeting at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport

Officials with the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport would like to invite all interested stakeholders and patrons to a community meeting to talk about the proposed ordinance changes that would authorize reasonable fees and operating standards for commercial ground vehicles that would provide fares to and from the airport. The meeting will take place Thursday, January 18th from 5:3o to 7 pm in the Kritser Conference Room 10801 Airport Blvd in the Terminal Building.

Airport staff will be present to discuss the draft ordinance and to answer any questions. The ordinance changes are to establish uniform commercial ground vehicle operating standers, provide revenue to maintain the airport systems that support the vehicles and compensate the Airport for administration and enforcement of operating standards. Participants of the meeting are encouraged to park in the Preferred Parking Lot. At the conclusion of the meeting, Airport staff will validate parking. For more information regarding the upcoming meetings or the proposed ordinance changes, please call 335-1671.

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