How Beef Sees NAFTA

TCFA President and CEO Ross Wilson 

At Thursday’s reception to celebrate Texas Cattle Feeders Association’s 50th anniversary, I visited with TCFA President and CEO Ross Wilson about NAFTA renegotiation. I asked Ross: Are there things the beef industry wants that would make the trade deal better, or are beef producers more in a position of hoping to preserve what is already in NAFTA? Here’s his answer and the conversation that followed:

Ross Wilson of TCFA told me that he had just returned from a trip to Durango, Mexico where he participated in discussion of animal health issues and other matters related to trade between our two countries.

On Monday’s Newsday Amarillo program, during our 6:25 a.m. agribusiness report, we’ll bring you Ross Wilson’s thoughts on what’s needed to make the pending return of U.S. beef to China go as well as possible for the U.S. beef industry.


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