Ag-Ruminating From The Windshield

As regular KGNC listeners are well aware by now,  last week I was in Kansas City for the annual National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention.

The convention is always a great opportunity to hear from agriculture leaders, like Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue who spent some time with us broadcasters on Thursday. In our coverage on KGNC, I’ve been sharing some of the things the Secretary had to say about trade, the farm bill, and other key topics, and I’ll have more in tomorrow’s programs, as well.

I always appreciate the abundance of interviews and other fun activities  the convention provides. But this year I did something unique. For the first time, I traveled to the convention by car, not by plane.

The truth is, I don’t like flying . That doesn’t mean I’m afraid to fly. I just hate the hassle. A ten-hour drive from Amarillo to Kansas City is not much longer than going by plane would have been. And, this way I got to pack what I wanted, eat what and when I wanted, and enjoy much more leg room.

And I also got to the see more of the country. Going through the eastern Panhandle into western Oklahoma and then on through Kansas means getting to see a lot of farms, ranches, and dairies. It was cool to get a glimpse at how thing going for our producers around the region.

My favorite moments of the trip came when I passed by cotton fields like this one I took a picture of near Groom Friday evening on the trip back. There’s been a lot of concern about this year’s cotton crop. But the fields I saw from my windshield made me feel pretty optimistic about the ultimate outcome.

If you have thoughts on how cotton or other local crops turned out this season, send mail me at

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