Ag-Ruminating About Grazing Conditions

Our lack of moisture over the past 60 days is getting to be a little demoralizing.

The last time Amarillo had a rain that was at least one-tenth of an inch was Oct. 6. That’s one illustration of how dry it’s been. Another is the advancing sprawl of drought conditions across the KGNC listening area:

Since we are in a La Nina, we might not get much relief any time soon. But we have to hope the longevity of this period of moisture deprivation won’t become as extensive as what our region experienced in 2011 and 2012.

During this current dry spell, much of the conversation has focused on the impact on our winter wheat. But, as this audio clip from Swisher County Extension Agent John Villalba reminds us, grazing lands conditions could be on their way to becoming an issue as well, even though the good rains we had this summer did help produce a lot of forage:

What John is describing is the situation for the Swisher County area, specifically. But, unfortunately, what he has to say applies to much of the rest of the Texas High Plains right now.

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