Ag-Ruminating On Thanking Ag

On this Thanksgiving morning, as a I prepare to enjoy the great food and football that lie ahead, I am taking time, prayerfully, to offer my own thanks for the many wonderful gifts I have received over the past year and throughout my life. I’m confident that those of you reading this share my feelings of thankfulness for the blessing of living in the freest nation in the world and, most certainly, for the sacrifices so many men and women in uniform have made to win and preserve those freedoms.

We truly are the greatest country in the history of mankind. And I have faith that, despite having plenty of problems we can all gripe about, we’ll still be the greatest country in the world for long after my time has come and gone.

God Bless America! I mean that truly and sincerely. And, as I ponder that phrase, I am quite aware that He has indeed already blessed America many times over.

I could go on here and write about a lot of other things for which I have reason to be thankful. But, on this day of ceremonial feasting, let me include myself among what I hope is an enormous multitude of people feeling gratitude toward the American farmer and livestock producer. No civilization has ever enjoyed a richer bounty of food, and we should all give recognition to those who toil to provide it.

So, how should you express your appreciation to those who work in agriculture? The simple words “thank you” work pretty well, of course. But another way – a really good one, I believe – is to let it be known that you support the ag programs that help ensure our nation enjoys the most abundant, affordable, and reliable food supply in the world.

Currently, Congress is working on a new farm bill to replace the one that is scheduled to expire next year. Keeping ag programs going always seems to require a political battle royal. And, in the weeks ahead – as debate progresses –  agriculture urgently needs the backing of the American people.

I could suggest calling your Congressman. But, in all honesty, I think we can count on the fact that our West Texas representatives don’t really need persuading. Congressman Mac Thornberry and Congressman Jodey Arrington both have a very sound understanding of the necessity of maintaining and strengthening farm bill programs. And, agriculture’s interests are very well-served by Congressman Mike Conaway in his role as House Ag Committee chairman.

Our region’s Congress members are already allies of agriculture. However, not all of their colleagues are on board. During this Holiday Season, perhaps you’re getting to spend time with relatives who live in a part of a country where support for agriculture cannot be taken as a given. If that’s the case, maybe you can find an opportune moment to explain to them why you believe we need a good farm bill and why you’d like them to call their representative or senator and advocate on agriculture’s behalf.

Just a thought.

And, if you have thoughts about the farm bill, you can write me at

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